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Front-End Developer


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Hi there! My name is Piotr and Front-End Development is my passion. As a Freelancer, I specialize in creating aesthetic and functional websites and web elements. My portfolio includes an increasing number of projects that leave a big impression on my clients, which motivates me to constantly improve my skills. I strive to continuously perfect my skills to create even better projects and provide clients with high-quality services.

As a Freelancer, I know how important soft skills are, such as communication with clients, project management, and adapting to their requirements. I always aim to build positive relationships with clients and deliver projects that meet their expectations.



Having a website can significantly enhance your online presence and concurrently increase your chances of attracting new customers. Additionally, it can contribute to boosting the visibility of your company on the internet and creating a professional image. This, in turn, can lead to greater trust in your brand, potentially translating into higher revenues for your business.

Web Development
I create unique and effective websites that not only visually capture attention but also persuasively convince visitors to take advantage of your service, emphasizing its value and benefits.
Redesigning the website
I will conduct a professional transformation of your website, adapting its design and content to the latest trends to attract customer attention and enhance the effectiveness of your online business.
With SEO optimization, your website can achieve higher rankings in search results, increasing visibility and attracting new customers, translating into increased traffic and the effectiveness of your service.

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